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Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome to the BEHS Class of 1969 Bio Site

Thanks for visiting this Class web page for members of the BEHS Class of 1969!

INSTRUCTIONS: Please update your Bio as often as you like by filling in the Entry Form or by sending it in the form of an email to the address below:

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If you choose to email to the address above, put your name as we knew it in High school and your City and State in the Subject. This will help when classmates are searching for friends. Use the class survey info below as a guide if you prefer. Attach photos too. The email size is limited to 10MB so if you can't fit it all in one email, send a second one. If the first email doesn't look like you want it, make changes and try it again and the duplicates will be removed.

Yourself – Name, City and State and E-mail
Your education, career, employment
Your hobbies, interests, travel
Your volunteer service in your community, church or other areas
Your family – spouse, children, grandchildren- their special accomplishments
Military service

Use some judgment in how much detail you include, after all this is the world wide web. I don't recommend including street addresses or phone numbers here. Some may prefer not to include an email address. When referring to family members, children and grand children, first names are sufficient if at all. The class web page reserves the right to edit or remove details as necessary. For the most part your email will appear the same as you send it.

Bio Entry Form